Watching the Paint Dry 1

Series No. 1

As we are entering the summer months and things are heating up, this is a great time to go over some important tips that will keep your Matthews paint projects looking perfect and professional every time. You may not know it, but once a can of Catalyst is opened for the first time, it has a very short, usable life. While an unopened can of Catalyst has a shelf life of at least two years when stored properly, an opened can of Catalyst is usable for only 2 to 3 weeks no matter how tight you screw the cap back on!  When Catalyst that has been opened for longer than 3 to 4 weeks is used, it often leads to a “Crystallized” look and can also create “Bubbling” once the paint dries. The appearance of the Catalyst doesn’t change when it spoils. Therefore, I recommend keeping a permanent black felt tip marker by your paint station or can storage and be sure that whenever a can of Catalyst is “cracked open,” the date is written near the top or in a noticeable area on the label. Being that Matthews recommends using an opened can of Catalyst within 2 weeks, if you decide to stretch it to 3 weeks or so, be on the lookout for the first sign of “Crystallization” in your paint finish so you don’t disappoint your customers and cost yourself more money.

Ed Urlik


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