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Sloan LED LogoSloanLED is a leader in the development and application of LEDs, serving many commercial, industrial and high-tech industries. Sloan LED power supplies have been tested for high reliability performance, ability to withstand harsh environments and quality design thus surpassing the competition. Read more.

SloanLED PrismBeam

SloanLED PrismBeam is a cost-effective, lens based LED lighting solution designed to replace existing T12 fluorescent lamps.
The superior efficiency, longer life, and lower maintenance costs of SloanLED PrismBEAM make this ideal fluorescent alternative
for box sign applications positively beam with brilliance.

  • Easy installation using existing sockets, requiring no connectors or adapters
  • Single and Double-sided options with custom lengths
  • Uniform illumination at 8″ optimum, up to 16″ maximum from face
  • High efficiency and long life

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SloanLED Prism

SloanLED® Prism is reimagined LED lens technology. A unique arrangement of micro prisms—designed explicitly for channel letter modules—producing a wide, even light spread. It’s another SloanLED lighting breakthrough: the science of optical physics combined with decades of sign industry knowledge.

  • Brightest lighting option in its class
  • Optimal for applications 3‑8” in depth
  • Ideal lens shape for illuminating channel letters
  • Versatile mounting options

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SignBox II

SignBOX™ II creates the perfect grid of light for optimum even illumination. Designed for new or retrofit box signs with can depths over 125 mm. Available in single-sided and double-sided options.

  • Designed for new or existing sign cabinets with depths of 5 inches or greater
  • Bright, even illumination
  • Mounted on flexible straps for easy installation
  • Constant Current Technology (CCT)

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PosterBox Module

PosterBOX Module features FanFlare technology which directs the light across the sign face with bright, even illumination. Designed for single or double sided light boxes, using only a few modules.

  • Designed for single and double-sided sign cabinets with 4 – 6 inch depths
  • Illuminate Single or Double Sided Narrow Cabinets
  • Modules Mount on Returns of Can
  • Constant Current Technology (CCT)

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SloanLED PosterBox Module

PosterBOX Slim 2

PosterBOX Slim washes light across single and double-sided displays using FanFlare™ lens technology that optimizes the light inside the box. The result is uniform light without the stripes associated with fluorescent tubes.

  • Designed for single-sided sign cabinets as shallow as 2 inches and double-sided cabinets as shallow as 4 inches
  • Excellent white light intensity and uniformity
  • Optimal for applications as shallow as 2 inches

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SloanLED PosterBOX Slim

VL Plus

The VL Plus is based on proven SloanLED channel letter module design and performance. VL Plus is perfect for standard channel letters and sign cabinets for the price conscious customer.

  • Extra brightness – 30% brighter
  • Wider viewing angle
  • Overmolded body
  • Constant Current Technology (CCT)

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SloanLED VL Plus

VL Plus 2

VL Plus 2 LED lighting system is based on proven SloanLED channel letter module design and performance. VL Plus 2 White Long is brighter and can get up to 50 feet on one SloanLED 60 W power supply.

  • 25% Brighter than VL Plus
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Overmolded body
  • Constant Current Technology (CCT)

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 VL Plus 2 White Long


The HighLINER Linear Light is your energy efficient area lighting solution for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including coolers, stockrooms, soffits, and wall washes and offers a natural white illumination for so many different environments.

  • Interior Use Includes Stockrooms and Task Lighting
  • Refrigerated Uses Include Walk-In Coolers
  • Great Exterior Solutions Include Soffits, Vinyl Canopies and Accent Lighting
  • True White Color Enhances Product Visibility

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SlimLINER offers natural white illumination for awnings, vinyl canopies, and accents in narrow applications. SlimLINER can be used in applications traditionally reserved for Slim T4 and T5 fluorescent fixtures—with a much slimmer profile.

  • SlimLINER is now 34% Brighter
  • Can Be Cut in the Field
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Slim, Lightweight, and Low‑Profile Fixture

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SignBOX RapidStick

SignBOX™ RapidStick™ is a 360‑degree LED lighting solution for box signs. For fast field retrofits as well as new construction, SignBOX RapidStick replaces existing T12 fluorescent lamps and mounts directly to lampholders.

  • Bright, Even 360‑Degree Illumination
  • Fast and Easy Installation Using Existing Sockets
  • Illuminates 8 Inches from Face
  • High Efficiency and Long Life

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LED Canopy Light

The new Progressive Series LED Canopy Down Light is a universal system for retrofits and new construction. This luminaire sets new standards with its revolutionary design, easy one-person installation and bright, uniform illumination under and around the canopy.

  • Universal Hanger Bracket for Simple One-Person Installation
  • Oversized Housing Hides the Footprint of the Previous HID Fixture

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SloanLED Canopy Light


V180 features the most innovative and efficient design on the market today for illuminating small and shallow channel letters. The patented LED array consists of 3 diodes placed at an optimal angle to provide a 180 degree viewing angle.

  • Illuminate depth as shallow as 2″
  • Ingress Protection 68 Rating (IP68)
  • Constant Current Technology (CCT)
  • UL and cUL recognized, CE, CSA Certified

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This patented LED‑based rigid tubing system, with its large profile and long runs, has become the border tube system of choice for many retail, restaurant, and lodging chains.

  • Daytime Color when Non‑Illuminated
  • High Impact Acrylic: UV Stable, Hydrocarbon Insensitive, and Non‑Fading
  • Can be Factory Bent to Minimum 12 inch Radius
  • Can be Cut in the Field

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FlexiBRITE is field bendable making it easy to create an endless array of profiles, contours, and patterns on the fly. Ideal for exterior and interior lighting applications such as sign perimeters, letters, symbols, accent stripes, borders, and open‑face channel letters.

  • Extremely flexible LED tubing
  • Daytime color for red and neutral for other colors
  • Optically modified silicone extrusion: UV stable, hydrocarbon insensitive, and non‑fading
  • Convenient mounting clips and mounting tracks
  • Can be Cut in the Field

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ColorLINE offers our brightest tubing light output, a neon‑like profile, and innovative lit, mitered corners. Completely assembled and sealed tubes are ready for installation.

  • Slim profile similar to standard neon
  • Neutral frosted white color when non‑illuminated
  • High impact acrylic: UV stable, hydrocarbon insensitive, and non‑fading
  • Can be factory bent to minimum 9.75 inch radius
  • Three lit mitered corner configurations

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BendLUX LED strip lighting system is the very thin, flexible solution for illuminating routed acrylic block letter, shallow channel letter, and backlit halo letter applications. Strips are snappable every 1.7 inches with jumpers for easy flat bends and connections.

  • Bendable in both flat and radial directions
  • Easy to mount on back or return of channel letter
  • Snappable every 1.7 inches with jumpers in place for easy flat bends and connections
  • Constant Current Technology (CCT)

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12V Power Supply

The SloanLED 12 VDC 60 Watt power supplies are designed specifically for the sign industry, incorporating innovations that speed installation and ensure reliable performance in harsh outdoor applications. The power supplies are IP68 (Ingress Protection) rated to protect from dust and water intrusion, and are UL Recognized for dry, damp, and wet locations.

  • Patented end cap design for easy electrical connections and installation
  • Rugged and compact
  • Auto-resetting
  • Simple secondary hook-ups
  • Modular design

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60C1 12 Volt Power Supply – NEW

The 60C1 is SloanLED’s most versatile and economical power supply for driving LED sign lighting products, delivering the latest power supply technology in a rugged, compact and energy efficient design.

  • Universal input voltage – 100-277 VAC, 50-60 Hz input.
  • Auto-resetting – No fuses to replace or circuit breaker to reset.
  • Rugged and compact.
  • Simple secondary hook-up.

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24V Power Supply

The 24 VDC 100 Watt power supply is designed specifically for the sign industry, incorporating innovations that speed installation and ensure reliable performance in harsh outdoor applications. The power supply is IP68 (Ingress Protection) rated to protect from dust and water intrusion, and is UL Recognized for dry, damp, and wet locations.

  • IP68 Rated – Verified Resistance to the Intrusion of Water
  • No Fuses to Replace or Circuit Boards to Reset
  • No Minimum Load, No Dip-Switches and No Load Balancing
  • Rugged Compact Design

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Dimming Solutions

These user-friendly dimming solutions combine SloanLED’s lighting systems and power supplies with dimming modules and either a manual dim control box or an automatic control station.

  • Maintains LED Life Span and Warranties
  • Manual or Automatic Configurations
  • Easy to Install and Operate

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 SloanLED Dimmer Module

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