ROLLSROLLER Testimonials


ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator Closeup

Fenn Graphics “We have already achieved 50% labour savings, where 1 person can do the work previously done by 2. The RollsRoller is a great asset, in fact, we may buy another in the future. would without doubt recommend the machine to other companies.”  John Trenchard

Blaze Neon “We bought a RollsRoller to enhance productivity. We have been using it for general signage applications. It is a useful all-round piece of kit and has reduced application times.” Scott Wheeler

McRobb Display  “We saw the RollsRoller in the trade press and wondered why it was creating so much interest. Our Production Manager saw at it at Sign UK, I then saw it demonstrated at Fespa and within 5 minutes had made my mind up – we had to have one!” Neil McRobb

R. Elliott & Co. “We bought a RollsRoller to improve on application of vinyls to rigid substrates and also for speed of conversion.The RollsRoller does exactly what they say it does and has provided all the benefits that we anticipated.”  John Dennis

ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator

Signs Express (N & NE Lincs.) “It has changed the way we work, we can often do old jobs in new ways as a result of the RollsRoller rather than ‘by hand’ methods.” Matt Bevis 

IS Group “The RollsRoller has speeded up all operations, especially application tape and putting vinyl graphics onto panels. We now only need half the number of staff to do jobs.” John Whitehouse

Aberdeenshire County Council “Training was excellent. The whole exercise was first class. As usual, William Smith was very good and briefed us well on the whole process” Henry Craig

Jon Signs “The training is great, it was very thorough, and because it is the girls that do the job themselves at William Smith, everything was explained properly without the jargon.” Jonathan Cawthorn

Fastgraphics “I thought we were probably too small a company to buy one, but I was totally sold on it after seeing the video and bought it the next day. We felt it was not cost prohibitive. The RollsRoller has given us access to work we couldn’t have done before, giving high quality, higher resolution and a better finish. We have found time savings to be approximately 75%, where a job that would have taken a couple of days can now be done in half a day.” Tony Bates

ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator

Perspective Signs “We are typically seeing production times reduced by 50% from both machines, whether for application of vinyl to flex material or application of tapes to vinyls.” Andy Stephens

Sign 2000 “It has resulted in time and labour savings as well as improved quality.” Murray Crompton

The Allsignsgroup “I would definitely recommend the RollsRoller to other companies, in fact we are looking at getting another machine next year.”  Brad Candy

AST Signs The RollsRoller is frequently used to apply application tapes and was a primary reason for AST Signs to buy a machine. “We have benefited from massive time and labour savings.” AST Signs also estimate their return on investment within 12-18 months and commented “It is a fantastic bit of kit, we are so impressed with it, we are looking to put a second one in.” Mark Aston

ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator

Tatlow Signs “Large panels were previously done by hand and took 45 minutes per panel, however they now only take 5 minutes to complete. We anticipate the return on investment within 6 months.”Carlton Tatlow

Jon Signs We can now do in a day, what would have taken a week previously and we can offer improved costs to our customers due to the reduction in labour. I’m thoroughly impressed with it.” Jonathan Cawthorn



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