To help everybody find the right ROLLSROLLER® for their needs, there are several standard models to choose from. The main difference between them is the size of the working area and the accessories included. The premium models are equipped with side pockets, media holders on the ends and lighting.


ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator® is equipped with side pockets, media holders on the ends and lighting. Height adjustment is an option.


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We are typically seeing production times reduced by 50% from both machines, whether for application of vinyl to flex material or application of tapes to vinyls.” Andy Stephens of Perspective Signs

“I would definitely recommend the RollsRoller to other companies, in fact we are looking at getting another machine next year.”  Brad Candy of The Allsignsgroup

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ROLLSROLLER Premium Product Information

IEC Item NoLength of Work AreaWidth of Work Area
RR-400-150P12 feet55 inches
RR-400-170P12 feet64 inches
RR-540/170P16 feet, 5 inches64 inches
RR-540/220P16 feet, 5 inches80 inches
RR-605/170P18 feet, 6 inches64 inches
RR-1080/170P34 feet, 2 inches64 inches



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