ROLLSROLLER® is an innovative flatbed applicator, designed for mounting self-adhesive films to substrates. It can be used for the application of transfer tape to cut graphics, as well as applying taped, cut graphics to substrates and flex face materials.

Benefits of using the ROLLSROLLER:

  • Accurate applications, resulting in reduced waste
  • Produces a perfectly flat application with no bubbles or creases
  • Application time can be reduced on production jobs by as much as 80%
  • Improved health and safety, less risk of injury than conventional machines

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Rollsroller What People Are Saying

“Large panels were previously done by hand and took 45 minutes per panel, however they now only take 5 minutes to complete. We anticipate the return on investment within 6 months.” – Carlton Tatlow of Tatlow Signs
We can now do in a day, what would have taken a week previously and we can offer improved costs to our customers due to the reduction in labour. I’m thoroughly impressed with it.” – Jonathan Cawthorn of John Signs

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To find the right ROLLSROLLER® for your needs, there are several standard models to choose from. The primary difference between each one is the size of the working area, and the accessories included. All units come with a high quality air compressor and are constructed of the highest grade components. Welded – not bolted – for added long term strength and durability to ensure accuracy and quality. With thousands of units in the field for over a decade, the ROLLSROLLER is a product that performs!


Premium ModelThe ROLLSROLLER Premium Models are heavy duty units, equipped with side pockets large enough to hold full rolls of media, an LED back-lit table with a self healing mat that doubles as a work surface for material preparation and media holders on the end, as well as the gantry
Regular ModelThe ROLLSROLLER Regular Model comes equipped with an LED back-lit table for a work surface that has a self healing cutting mat, side trays to store tools and media holders at the end of the table & the roller gantry
Entry ModelThe Entry Model is perfect for tight spaces, with folding legs that lock into place, so that the unit can fit through narrow door ways and between other pieces of equipment without a large production. These units also come with a self healing cutting mat that doubles as a material prep work surface
Traffic ModelThe ROLLSROLLER TRAFFIC is designed for road sign production with high volumes of guide sign production. It has a special profile bed adjustable to fit almost any extruded guide sign panels
ROLLSROLLER Brochure (pdf)

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