Price Updates

Manufacturer Price Updates – Keeping you “In the Know”

This page is dedicated to keeping you updated of any disclosed price increases or decreases whenever the manufacturer has given proper notice. Of course, in cases of product increases, IEC will do whatever we can to keep the increase to a minimum.

Supplier/Product GroupProducts Impacted% Change Effective Date
iPanelAll Products10%01/20/2022
Aluminum CoilAll Products5%-10%01/19/2022
Aluminum Sheets

All Products5%-10%01/19/2022
Aluminum Sign BlanksAll Products5%-10%01/19/2022
3A CompositesFome Core & Gatorfoam10%01/14/2022
3A CompositesMisc. Products10%01/14/2022
LMT BelinAll products9%01/09/2022
Bird B GoneAll Products6% - 7%01/09/2022
PolycarbonateSheets & Reels4% - 5%01/09/2022
HartcoAll Products16%01/09/2022
RolandInks2% - 5%12/27/2021
ArlonAll Items5% - 10%12/27/2021
R-TapeAll Products8%12/15/2021
ArlonAll Products5% - 10%12/15/2021
Lord AdhesivesAdhesives22%12/13/2021
LedvanceOsram Lamps10%11/15/2021
FranceAll Products5%11/10/2021
Intelligent ChoiceiMedia Graphics Products6%11/06/2021
AluminumSheets & Coils2.5%11/02/2021
AluminumSign Blanks2.5%11/02/2021
General FormulationsGraphic Products6%10/19/2021
AluminumSign Blanks4%10/13/2021
Aluminum Sheets & Coils4%10/13/2021
3A CompositesPVC Products10%10/07/2021
3A CompositesFome Core & Gatorfoam10%10/07/2021
3A CompositesMisc. Products10%10/07/2021
SignCompAll Products8%10/07/2021
KeystoneLamps & Accessories5%-7%10/07/2021
France Neon Sign Transformers2% - 10%10/05/2021
FranceLED Power Supplies24% - 28%10/05/2021
FranceTransformer Boxes50% - 70%10/05/2021
R-Tape All Productts5%10/05/2021
Vandal GuardAll Products5% - 8%09/13/2021
Aluminum Sheets, Coils & Blanks4%09/13/2021
3AAll Products10%9/1/2021
3MGraphic Products6%9/1/2021
3MVHB Tape10%9/1/2021
AluminumAluminum Coils6%08/11/2021
Aluminum Aluminum Sheets3%8/11/2021
3APVC Sheets12%08/11/2021
3AFoam Boards8%8/11/2021
HartcoMask Products%08/01/2021
Night BrightReflective Film6%08/01/2021
FranceNeon Sign Transformers12%07/29/2021
FranceLED Supplies4%07/29/2021
FranceMiscellaneous Products5%07/29/2021
ArlonArlon Products2%07/28/2021
LedvanceOsram Sylvania Lamps14%07/28/2021
UltraflexAll ProductsVaries07/28/2021
NeonProElectronic Transfomers7%07/21/2021
ULTAll Products14%07/21/2021
ACCOGraphic Products9%07/06/2021
3MVarious Products5%07/06/2021
Intelligent ChoiceiMedia Graphics Products5%07/01/2021
Rapid-TacRapid-Tac Products3%07/01/2021
R-TapeAll Products4%06/23/2021
LMT BelinAll Products4%06/23/2021
Paige ElectricAll Products13%-19% 06/23/2021
Matthews PaintMatthews Paint & Spraylat Paint3.5%06/14/2021
Aluminum SheetsAll Products13% - 20%06/10/2021
Aluminum CoilAll Products8% - 13% 06/10/2021
Aluminum BlanksAll Products10% - 16%06/10/2021
LaminatorsBoard Products20%06/08/2021
VoltarcAll Products7%06/08/2021
3A CompositesPVC Products10%06/01/2021
3A CompositesFome Core & Gatorfoam8%06/01/2021
3A CompositesMisc. Products6%06/01/2021
SignCompAll Products11%06/01/2021
StyreneAll Products15%05/26/2021
PolycarbonateSheets & Reels10%05/26/2021
Catalina GraphicsAll Products5%05/26/2021
Lord AdhesiveAll Products10%05/19/2021
Intelligent ChoiceI-Panel ACM20%05/19/2021
PlasticadeSignacade ProductsVaries05/18/2021
SloanLEDMost Items5% - 20%05/18/2021
UltraflexAll Products5% - 20%05/17/2021
3A CompositesSintra PVC & Sintra Vers EPVC5%05/01/2021
3A CompositesSintra PVC & Sintra Vers EPVC5%05/01/2021
General FormulationsAll Products5%05/01/2021
SignCompAll Products4%05/01/2021
StyreneAll Products
KeystoneLED Lamps3%04/06/2021
Aluminum SheetsAll Products5%04/05/2021
Aluminum CoilAll Products5%04/05/2021
Aluminum BlanksAll Products5%04/05/2021
3A CompositesGatorfoam, Fome-Cor, PVC Board, Aluminum Composite12%03/18/2021
ChemcastCell Cast Acrylic Sheets5%03/18/2021
Aluminum SheetsAll Products2%03/18/2021
Aluminum CoilAll Products2%03/18/2021
Aluminum BlanksAll Products2%03/18/2021
PlasticadeSignacade Products10%03/08/2021
UltraflexAll Products5-10%03/08/2021
Allanson, Lighting ComponentsSign Ballasts5%03/01/2021
Allanson, Lighting ComponentsTransfomrers10%03/01/2021
Tuffak PolycarbonateAll Products5%02/15/2021
PrimexCorrugated PVC Sheets
Aluminum SheetsAll Products7%02/01/2021
Aluminum CoilAll Products9%02/01/2021
Aluminum BlanksAll Products16%02/01/2021
ArlonArlon Products2-3%02/01/2021
StyreneAll Products7%01/21/2021

The changes to pricing shown in this area reflect an approximate change in pricing according to the manufacturers announcement. The purpose of this information is to provide advance notice only and any items that may have been omitted from this list could still change in price at the manufacturer’s discretion. Exact, final pricing as quoted, sold, invoiced and billed will be determined and governed by IEC’s actual Invoice itself. IEC reserves the right to amend, change or modify pricing and/or extend or revoke dates at the Company’s sole discretion.


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