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For Ultimate Color, Durability and Protection

Developed specifically for the signage industry, the Complete Matthews Paint System is a total paint solution for the varied and extreme demands of architectural, commercial l and outdoor sign applications.

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 Provide a long-lasting, UV resistant finish that boasts unsurpassed color and gloss retention. With three different lines to choose from- including the environmentally friendly MAP Ultra Low VOC Рand unlimited color options, there is a topcoat to meet any project requirement.


Including chromate-free and low VOC product lines, provide excellent paint adhesion to a variety of hard-to-adhere substrates and can be directly coated with any Matthews topcoat. Primers offer increased paint durability, corrosion protection, and filling capability.


Available in all finishes for a variety of applications, protecting your paint job while enhancing its depth and vibrancy. Comprised of the same durable resin as its color lines. Matthew’s clear coats provide unparallel resistance to UV rays, moisture, harsh weather, impact, chemicals, and graffiti.


 Designed to remove waxes, grease, silicones, and other contaminants on a variety of substrates including bare metal, plastics, primers, and more. Its environmentally friendly,ultra low VOC option is highly effective and compliant with most VOC rules nationwide.


The suede additives provide a uniuque, textured finish. Metallic tones help achieve optimum brilliance. Brush and roll additives offer maximum leveling and flow characteristics. Its low VOC base-coat converters allow you to paint multi color signs in hours instead of days.












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