Holiday Protein/Carb advice

If you’re going to treat yourself to some holiday foods, balance them out with more nutritious foods. You want to have an even protein to healthy carb ratio. What does that mean? Starting with a snack of lean protein or a low calorie protein shake before your feast as this will help keep your body in a fat burning mode longer, making the carbs have a lower impact on your waistline. If you’re munching a piece of cheese, eat it with some apple. If you’re loading up on sweet potatoes, add a serving of turkey to your plate, too. This will ensure you’re getting a good amount of nutrition while satisfying your holiday cravings.

Try and avoid the creamy holiday drinks. It can be easy to pour a quick holiday drink, or add whipped cream to that delicious mocha, but the calories in those drinks really add up. Instead, try drinking low fat versions of your favorite drink, and drink a glass of water in between drinks. So whether it’s a creamy eggnog at a holiday party or a gingerbread latte, you’ll feel hydrated and fuller longer. You can drink green tea, unsweetened, up to 20 ounces a day. Green tea causes the body to secrete more interferon, a key element in your body’s infection protection arsenal. This is vital when you are traveling, or when you are simply on the go and feeling worn out.

Most of all, remember the holidays aren’t about the food—they’re about family, culture, love, and friendship. Don’t stress so much about food that you forget to celebrate the real gifts of the season.


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