Event Recap: 2015 NBM Show in Long Beach, CA

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We had a great time in Long Beach at the NBM Show. We want to thank everyone that stopped by to say hi and check out everything we had on display or participate in one of our training sessions.


We had in booth training on the ROLLSROLLER: the Original Flatbed Applicator. This is my personal favorite demo and is ALWAYS a huge crowd pleaser because there is no other piece of equipment that you can add to your sign shop that will save time, increase accuracy, allow you to cut material costs, increase capacity and apply 4’ x 8’ decals to coroplast flawlessly in less than two and half minutes with one person!

I always hear people say they love it but “they just don’t have space” and I point out that it has a self-healing cutting mat for the work surface, so it can replace a work table, but when you think about it; if you use a laminator to mount decals to boards you actually use 8’ in front of the laminator and 8’ behind it, so you are really using more than 16’ feet to mount a 4’ x 8’ board…That is using a lot of space! So now I will add to the list the ROLLSROLLER also saves space!!!

The one thing I can tell you about The ROLLSROLLER is that pretty much every customer we have that has purchased one is willing to give a personal testimonial to a potential buyer and they all say they wish they would’ve bought it sooner and to me that is saying a lot! Göran Johansson, mastermind behind the ROLLSROLLER, definitely hit a home run with this machine!

MUTOH 426UF Classroom Training

We had two classroom training sessions on MUTOH’s 426UF, which is a cool little table top style, flatbed UV printer. We were printing on coasters, luggage tags and ping pong balls…although we found out there is difference between “regular” ping pong balls and “practice” ping pong balls – so, we don’t recommend the “practice” ones…just sayin’.

We had a lot of fun experimenting with different ways people in the Sign Industry could offer promotional items to their existing customers or use this machine for prototype signs and packaging, as well as, different unique applications for people already in the Promotional or Award and Trophy industries. We were printing on metal business card holders, light switch covers, we talked about printing on tiles but we ran out of time (although we have seen it done) thought about printing on canvas…and the list went on and on. This ended up being a lot of fun and actually appealed to a lot more companies already in the Sign Industry than we thought it would.

When we were not having an actual “classroom training” we had the MUTOH 426UF in the booth for demos. The largest appeal of this machine in my mind is the small investment it would take to add this to your business model, when you think of the almost limitless possibilities of items you can create with it. On the other hand, if you are just starting out, there are not too many businesses that you could get into that would have such a low startup cost in regards to equipment. Since it comes with a built in RIP, you really just need a computer and some type of design software.

Other In-Booth Products

To complement the ROLLSROLLER we had the Roland XF640, a lighting fast printer that can almost keep up with the mounting capacity created with a ROLLSROLLER and a Royal Sovereign Electric Trimmer, which is also a must have for every shop (in my humble opinion) – Put all three of these pieces of equipment together and you have a super capacity shop!

In our booth visitors also found samples of multiple LED’s, application tape by rtape, Arlon3M  and iMedia films, tons of samples of substrates of all kinds; from FomeCor, Sintra, Gator Foam, MDO, ACM, iPanel, graphics accessories & tools and so much more…


All in all, we were focusing on making sure that everyone got the idea that we have four warehouses throughout the Western US full of sign products for most all of your jobs; we understand equipment, the different applications and that we are here to help you find the right products for your needs. We also make a point to bring items together to show how you can add capacity, accuracy, reduce mistakes, increase speed, any or all of the above because most of all IEC believes in delivering more than sign supplies, we believe in Delivering Value!

Hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as we did. There are still a few show specials and demo units available. Contact us if you are interested, before they are gone…gone…gone.

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