Wide Format Digital Printing
3M offers the most comprehensive line of flexible, durable and promotional films on the market. Both permanent and removable films are available in opaque, clear, translucent and reflective as well as dozens of colors. Most feature pressure sensitive or pressure activated adhesive and are used in the construction of indoor and outdoor large-format graphics around the world. Click to view
3m McD
Non-Printable Wrap Films
Dual cast textured and carbon fiber film features removable, pressure-activated adhesive with non-visible air release channels. The 60″ width allows you to wrap almost any section of a vehicle without seams.
3m mustang
Electronically Cut Graphics
For prespaced, cut graphics on electronically controlled, friction-fed or flatbed cutters for emblems, vehicles, labels, striping, signs, & two-way window markings. Transparent synthetic liner resists moisture absorption and static buildup, lays flat for easier assembly of multicolor graphics, allows superior cutting/weeding. Pressure sensitive film adheres well to flat or simple curved surfaces.
 3m camaro
Traffic Sign Sheeting and Conspicuity
Highly reflective microprismatic sheeting with pressure sensitive adhesive in pre-cut strips for easy application to trucks, trailers and large vehicles.
 3m truck
Illuminated Sign Films and Substrates
Produces permanent, interior or exterior graphics for internally-illuminated sign faces and awnings. It has clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive and a synthetic liner that resists water. It is available in more than 50 colors, many with simulated PANTONE® references.
 3m translucent
Screenprinting Film & Inks
Opaque film to screen print large, long-term graphics. It has pressure-activated adhesive and 3M Comply™ Adhesive feature for easier installation of fleet graphics, signs, emblems and more.
 3m screenprint
Installation & Removal Tools
Specific tools for mounting and installing printed and non-printed graphics for all types of applications.



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