Price Updates

Manufacturer Price Updates – Keeping you “In the Know”

This page is dedicated to keeping you updated of any disclosed price increases or decreases whenever the manufacturer has given proper notice. Of course, in cases of product increases, IEC will do whatever we can to keep the increase to a minimum.

Supplier/Product GroupProducts Impacted% Change Effective Date
3MVarious ProductsVaries02/01/2020
Wagner Zip ChangeJewelite Trim Cap5%01/01/2020
OKI DataColor Painter Inks7%11/07/2019
VoltarcVoltarc PoductsVaries11/01/2019
SloanLEDAll Products10%10/16/2019
Matthews PaintMatthews Paint & Spraylat Paint3.5%09/09/2019
ArlonArlon Digital Media Varies09/03/2019
ArlonArlon Vinyl Marking Film Varies09/03/2019
Lord AdhesivesAdhesives5%09/01/2019
Allanson, Lighting ComponentsBallasts, LED's, Transformers, Drivers8% to 50%06/15/2019
SloanLEDTariff Increase on Most Items10%06/10/2019
Lord AdhesivesAdhesive - Sign Lok10% - 15%03/01/2019
ChemcastAcrylic-4% to -9%02/19/2019
ULTULT Electronic Sign Ballast & ULT LED Drivers5%01/02/2019
FranceNeon Sign Transformers5%01/02/2019
FrancePopular Neon Sign Transformers-5%01/02/2019
DietzgenMagic by Dietzgen25%01/01/2019
SloanLEDPrism LED Select Items-5%01/01/2019
R-TapeAll Products2 to 3%01/01/2019

The changes to pricing shown in this area reflect an approximate change in pricing according to the manufacturers announcement. The purpose of this information is to provide advance notice only and any items that may have been omitted from this list could still change in price at the manufacturer’s discretion. Exact, final pricing as quoted, sold, invoiced and billed will be determined and governed by IEC’s actual Invoice itself. IEC reserves the right to amend, change or modify pricing and/or extend or revoke dates at the Company’s sole discretion.


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