Paige – LED Cable Box


LED Cable Box is designed specifically for LED transformer applications. Its much smaller size is more manageable in tight spaces. Front loading allows vertical placement and transformers to be installed later. The transformer attachment plate in back allows installation without damaging the integrity of the box and the holes in the bottom allow natural ventilation to rise to the top and condensation to escape from the bottom.  
FEATURES & BENEFITS                                      

  • Allows Transformers to be Installed in the Box 
  • It’s Wet Listed by UL
  • For Power Sources Required 4″ Parallel Clearance
  • Secondary Connections Remain Free from All Moisture and Corrosion When Used With the Anti-Corrosion Splice Kit  



  • LED Power Supplies
  • Electronic Neon Transformers
  Paige LED Cable Box              
IEC Item No.  
Description LED Cable Box
Dimensions 12”H x 8.5”W x 5.5″D”
Construction Galvanized
Material Thickness         24 ga.



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