Monthly Archives: September 2013

Understanding IP Ratings

IP specifies the protection against solid and/or liquid of an electrical system.
IP rating = Ingress Protection rating.

The IP rating normally has 2 (or 3) numbers.

The first number is in regards to protection against solid objects or materials. The second number is how well it is protected against liquids. The third number (typically omitted) is protection against mechanical impacts.

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Calendar Vinyls Are NOT Created Equally

Do you ever wonder how some of your competition can offer ridiculously low prices on signs or decals and say it’s the same product as yours? Or why vendors have some calendered vinyls that are so inexpensive?

It is important to understand the manufacturing differences in vinyl sign films. Vinyl film is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) with additives (plasticizers) to soften the PVC for Casting or Calendering. Most everyone understands that the Casting process produces the highest performing vinyl sign film.

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